Life of a correctional officer

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Public:

Before I tell you who I am,
please allow me to tell you something about myself.

I am a person with a job not many would do,
yet I’m a person just like you.

My work brings me to the most dangerous neighborhood in town,
Full of people who would make you frown.

They’re Drug Dealers, Killers, Rapists and Thieves,
Some are Junkies with a deadly disease.

Please don’t get scared, continue to read,
I face these fears daily for my publics needs.

I don’t want your pity just your respect,
Along with some understanding of the thoughts I collect.

My jobs not always safe, I have scars to prove it.
But like everything else someone’s got to do it.

Some days I am called to the scene of a fire,
It’s part of the job for which I was hired.

Some days I am called to tend to a victim,
Of whom someone stabbed or beat by kicking him.

Some days I am called to perform C.P.R.,
I know the victim hopes I’m not to far.

Some days I am called to cut down a person,
Of whom life for them was not to certain.

Some days I am called asked just to listen,
To a lonely young man whose life he is missing.

I’m constantly put down for the job that I do,
But if I didn’t do it I wonder would you?

As you can see I am a person with many skills,
Just working hard to pay my bills.

So now if I may introduce myself to you,
I am a Correction Officer not a hack or a screw.

So if you should see me on the street,
A nod or a smile would sure be a treat.

You may not understand the job that I do,
But rest assured I do it for you.

Written on behalf
Of Correction Officers
By James J. O’Brien
Massachuetts Correctional Officer
Suffolk County Sheriffs Department


The Correctional Officers Prayer

By Lt. Larry Peoples – Florida Department of Corrections

Lord, when it’s time to go inside,
That place of steel and stone.

I pray that you will keep me safe,
So I won’t walk alone.

Help me to do my duty,
Please watch me on my rounds.

Amongst those perilous places
And slamming steel door sounds.

God, Keep my fellow Officers
Well and free from harm.

Let them know I’ll be there too,
Whenever there’s alarm.

Above all when I walk my beat,
No matter where I roam.

Let me go back whence I came,
To family and home.