A.C.E. is actively involved in the legislative arena due to the fact our members are public employees.  As public employees, elected officials at the State House (Governor, State Representatives, and State Senators) make decisions that directly affect our wages, health insurance benefits, retirement benefits, workplace safety, and in some cases our rights on the job.

The A.C.E. empowers it’s membership to engage with our elected representatives through our all volunteer Committee On Political Education or C.O.P.E. The committee supports elected officials who support us. If you are interested in joining your brother and sister officers in political action, please contact any union officer for more information.

The A.C.E. is proud to introduce the C.O.P.E. committee member volunteers;

John Faherty

Kevin Nolan

Jessica Bruce

Evan Fay (Chair)

Matt Hickey

Annette Staskiewicz

Pat Donnelly

Greg Lannigan


Corrections Related Legislative Issues;


  • Corrections Officer’s Bill of Rights
  • Job Security
  • Wages
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • On the Job Injuries
  • Workplace Safety
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Retiree Health Insurance Benefits
  • In Line of Duty Benefits
  • Privatization