The Association of County Employees Union (A.C.E.) is an independent union that was formed in July of 1999.  There are over 350 A.C.E. Union members who are employed at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The A.C.E. membership is comprised of uniformed Corrections Officers, Medical Officers, K9 Units Sergeants, Warrant Sergeants, Warehouse Supervisors, Warehouse Officers, Maintenance Officers, Lead Electricians, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Maintenance Workers, Vocational Instructors, Tours Officers Sergeant and Front Gate Check Point Officer.

A.C.E. is a democratic union and the Union Officers that make up A.C.E. Board of Directors are elected by the membership every three years as outlined in the Union’s Constitution and By-Laws.

The Union Officers that sit on the ACE Board of Directors negotiate and bargain contracts, enforce the contract, and oversee all the other day to day operations of the Union.

In addition to Union Officers, A.C.E has Union Stewards on each shift in the facility.  A.C.E. Stewards monitor and enforce the provisions of the contract to ensure both management and union members are not violating any particular terms of the contract.  Stewards also communicate and distribute important information from the Union to members on their particular shifts.

Union Meetings

A.C.E Union meetings are held quarterly for A.C.E. members, meetings are a great opportunity to ask questions and receive important information from the Union.

Community Services

Over the years A.C.E. and our members have supported various types of events and causes that benefit many people in our community.

From charitable giving, volunteering, and sponsoring youth sports programs we are proud to be actively involved in our communities where our members and their families live and work.

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